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So my friends asked me if I could help taking some engagement photos for them … and that freaked me out. It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable enough to take pictures. Just ‘cuz that (wandering around snapping random photos) is my secret planet I wanna keep for my own … childish, I know. To the point that I live to make others feel comfy (I know that’s dump and I’m a total wimp for that but it makes me happy, and that should be all that matters, right?) I have the only bit of life where I can be and do whatever I want for myself, that is when i have a camera and a secret smile (yeah, right, not a creepy one tho ^^). Anyways they are really good friends of mine and I would never say no to them. That’s what friends are for, right :)

We had a fun day, I got treated with amazing food (thx Miguel and Elle, that was so sweet of you two ^^) and burned a bunch of polaroids (now you all know why I’m so poor, haha). Have a good amount of good stuff to sort through in the next couple days (even some digital! ^^) Well, good time, good people, good food and good alien, what can I say? That would be a good wedding gift, right?

Oh, FYI that I’m not a photographer at any sort … so, just wanna ran~ the folks out there who just run over best buy and get “the professional camera” the tech guy tell you to and snap out of life right away to be wedding and portrait photographers, shutttt … stop being gross and suck others’ life. Keep some dignity for yourself and let’s the job done by people made for it. I’m sorry for taking engagement photos like this … now I sorta feel like i’m that auntie of the uncle of another cousin who just got the Xsi with an amazing popup flash … oh darn, I do have one of that … snapppp =] (I’m a hater, so what lolz)