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While my head is still on the cloud …

It’s so nice (almost too nice & lucky) to have time off for relaxation ^^ Hope I will have more time and be better at saving to complete my travel list:
# Viet Nam, the biggest and hardest trip
# Japan, the ultimate expensive trip
# Vegas again, the easy trip
# Texas again, the why not trip
# Boston, the possible trip
# New York again because I’m a sucker kept coming back to places I’ve already been to >.>
# Southern California, the visit a friend trip
# Minnesota, the IKEA trip lol & mini high school reunion
# Chicago for official mid west meet up for NTH people ^^
# Kansas for Cirque maybe …
Not in any particular order and not all are possible within this year lol just #want ^^ Now I really need to find some freelance gigs

Before time wins this year race again,

  • M wants to make some hand lettering. 
  • M wants to make a typeface, a complete one that is not too ugly.
  • M wants to make a short movie.
  • M wants to be good at motion graphic.
  • M wants to draw something the M style.
  • M wants to organize all the fonts in the little machine.
  • M wants to produce something that make kids happy.
  • M wants to teach an important someone how to love.
  • M wants to take pictures again like the good old time.
  • M wants to be there for an important day of someone M loves.
  • M wants to be back hanging with all the real good friends here.
  • M wants to be a little smarter, not to let love fools M over and over like in this past year.

That’s my so-called to-do-list. Not too much, but in the spirit of this not too new year, there are spots and holes that won’t be filled until the next. It’s funny because I had such a good talked with my bf’s dad tonight. He’s such a wise man. Do feel a lot better now, silly me—talking to a lot of people lately and realized a lot of things made me smile.

Nothing is as powerful as time. Be careful and don’t build up too much lies humans, time will hunt you down.

Hi tumblr.,

Almost forgot you in the middle of life.
There are too much to learn out there, still and I’m no where near to the end of it.
After seeing a person breathing a day before lie down forever, I panicked. Life is precious. Time that I could cross by one another won’t be long as I thought it would be. I wonder how long love could last within it. Sure that the answer isn’t forever. Love isn’t thing in between only two persons, there are more behinds and the darker one hiding else where most likely has the power to disturb it all. Life is full of lies, still—but that isn’t what should take me down. Accept it and let bad humans breathe. Attacking them too much may give me chance to be like them. I most likely don’t want to … There are two way to respect love: witholding it and letting it go. They are almost equally in pain but the second choice seems to lessen the pain for someone in the dark. Live by the number or by a real heart? The choice is my and whether I go backward or forward, I won’t be happy. So, what’s the point?

How much fun I could get to live a life like this a little longer? Hah~ there is so much out there besides living like a robot. Thanks for cutting off my power cords. I’m fully alive, almost ^^

How much fun I could get to live a life like this a little longer? Hah~ there is so much out there besides living like a robot. Thanks for cutting off my power cords. I’m fully alive, almost ^^

Every Time I Close My Eyes,

Sky comes closer and stars seem so bright. Doubted that I was wrong~ for some reasons, the one would rather not pick out any favorite decided to admit: within this time, it might be her favorite part of life. I’m happy and I just wanna say it out loud. I won’t ask for frozen time or anything beyond that… cuz taking this a little too much, the little heart which is not used to this would bursts out in happy :) Life is never easy for the most part of it. No need to be harsh on myself 24/7 anymore. Ques sera, sera. Let’s loosen it up and smile.

Expected things come unexpected. Remember, the longer the wait, the more special you will feel for that JUST RIGHT moment.
Cherish yourself.
Random thing I wrote to a friend of mine.
To live as a living thing~

Stay sane.

Most often people try to enjoy life as much as they could, for a reason that it couldn’t be undone or extended. That makes so much sense. Sitting here and thinking about it, I might headed all the way around instead of going straight. But everything happens for a reason (or two~) tho. Who would be sure of it all? The terminal point remains unknown but there must be some values’ve grown in magnitude throughout the years. I will get there someday, to the sense that I would know what to do with my life instead of toying it around in my tiny hands. Will sure to see you all at the finish line with a proud smile on my face.

Ahhh, I always do that. Wanting to write about something then ended up ranting about something else. Just had a thought that I’ve been living in a really funny way. (Funny how? Like building walls all around and stay away from people with a fear of being hurt or hurting “humans iLike”—they’re just excuses of a coward after all.) Odd hah~ I thought I were smarter than that, but no one knows except for the unknown X in the future :) Left a sweet spot of life where everyone could rate it at idealy happiness, jumped into a tougher one, cut off all the comfy links and tried to grow~ harshly. What I’ve done? Life is not a game or a chain or challenges. Even if it were, no one would have to win it all. I will eventually get tired of it and get lost in mind~ Gahh, wake up. NVM, go to sleep, it’s getting late.

Just stay in it and try to find what matters the most to myself as my first task. What comes after, I will deal with it later. Stop being a machine and live a harsh life myself. Step out there and begin to hope. Let’s live this life as a real living thing.

Happy overflow, I grow a smile or two going back and forth reading things you wrote. Silly, I know …
the happier me~
Why lately the current switches … And my heart beats as frequent changes on a turntable?
the one confused inside me
My fears from A–Z:
They ain’t equal—just a straight gray shot from me.